Dedicated to leadership and managing change.


HICM HAMBURG INSTITUTE OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT disseminates state of the art management know-how based on our consulting experience and applied management research. Starting from your needs for new corporate capabilities we create tailor-made executive development solutions to enhance the performance of your top talents.

  • Persuading through communication, communication styles and impact
  • Developing corporate story, staging leadership (symbols, dramaturgy)
  • Analyzing existing conflicts, noticing early warning signals, handling critisism
  • Using appropriate tools both as conflict party and as conflict manager
  • Structuring visual argumentation, creating impact through personal presence
  • Conducting workshops and meetings effectively, creative problem solving
  • Individual potential analysis, removing psycho-barriers to performance
  • Boosting self efficacy, balancing personal, professional and public lives
  • Leadership models, key elements of high performance leadership systems
  • Vision building, the art of coaching, encouraging and challenging people
  • Mixing in society, developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships
  • Impression management, building mutual trust and closeness
  • Designing appraisal systems to foster employee performance and development
  • Incentive and reward management, employee health-management
  • Identifying and retaining top potentials, creating next generation leaders
  • Conducting learning needs analysis, developing training programs/institutions
  • Developing a change vision, designing and navigating the change journey
  • Creating commitment and cababilities for transition, making change stick

Every HICM training programme is reviewed and evaluated constantly based on participants' feedback. To ensure training insights being implemented in practice, HICM offers complementary on the job coaching sessions.

We would be happy to elaborate a detailed programme tailored to your specific business needs.
Please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.