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HICM HAMBURG INSTITUTE OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT conducts research and consulting within a framework that helps achieving organizational stabilization in perpetual change.

The HICM Framework for Leadership and Change Management is a guideline in setting up change initiatives and serves as a long-term approach for organizational development.

The HICM Framework for Leadership and Change Management consists of four elements: Align Organization, Mobilize Employees, Enhance Skills and Develop Culture.
Each of the four elements has different moments of emphasis, although all need to be examined throughout a change journey.

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ALIGNMENT – Align Organization

Based on a vision the goals of the change need to be shaped. To lead and manage the transition a core change team with sufficient authority has to be put in place, the change case to be developed and an action plan to be set up.

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MOBILIZATION – Mobilize Employees

To mobilize employees a sense of urgency and accordingly a "felt need for change" needs to be generated. Thus, communication of the change objectives and the change journey is critical for success. To enhance commitment individual targets for the change should be set and incentives offered for their achievement.

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SKILLS – Enhance Skills

Capabilities, in turn, need to be developed for both the change process and future job requirements. In addition learning exchange through networks and collaboration has to be ensured and best practice management installed.

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CULTURE – Develop Culture

The area of culture addresses the sustainability of the intended change; a change program, in other words, needs to start with the end in mind. This requires a strong corporate culture and an organization based on trust that enhances commitment. A prerequisite though is an open flow of credible communication with feedback mechanisms throughout the organization. It includes, for example, the further development of corporate values based on the company's vision and strategy, and accordingly an adjustment of HR tools.

For each element of the HICM Framework for Leadership and Change Management there exist tools to be deployed in the change journey. Since change initiatives differ in scale and direction these tools need to be selected and fine tuned according to the objectives of the change in question.

We would be happy to discuss with you in detail the HICM Framework for Leadership and Change Management. We look forward to hearing from you.